David Zdinak

Xtreme Mod

A population cap mod for Dawn of War Soulstorm, that not only allows more units but adds new units including a second super unit for all races. Also includes many balance changes to better support large combat scenarios. The primary goal of the mod was to decrease micromanagement by making it worthless attempting to do.

Working Change Log (some what out of date at the moment.)

=General Changes
-All races squad caps have been raised to 50 with the exception of
orks which is 250
-All races support caps have been raised to 50
-All races have additional units added to the army painter
-Changed the scale of infantry to roughly 70% of their original size, to better scale infantry to vehicles and buildings
-All squad leader units now have commander class armor

-Added a research to increase guardsmen and kasrkin melee damage

Imperial Factory
-Replaces Thermo Plasma Generator
-Produces +40Req and +40 power
-Costs 500r/500p
-Can be built anywhere
-limit 2 per HQ

-lowered cost to 10 req per unit
-made unit reinforce times faster
-increased squad size to starting 10, max 15(max 18 after tier 2)
-increased amount of heavy weapons to 4, 6 after heavy weapon specialization research
-decreased the time it takes to upgrade Grenade Launchers
-increased health by 50
-tripled base morale

Heavy Weapons Teams
-lowered training time to 20 seconds
-halved cost

-Increased limit to 10 units

-Increased limit to 5 units

-Increased limit to 2 units
-slightly increased sight range
-greatly increased sniper range

-Increased limit to 5 squads

-increased health by 200 per unit
-Increased limit to 3 squads

-Increased cost to 170R 170P
-Increased multilaser armor piercing values
-Added more health bring base hp upto 1450
-Added the ability to upgrade with Heavy Flamers or Autocannons
-Added a research to give them detection
-added a research to improve health (+550 HP)

Leman Russ
-Decreased health to 3500
-Increased limit to 5 units
-Decreased support cap usage to 4
-added different leman russ variants
-added an ability for tanks to regenerate health, costs 350 power

-Tripled the range of the earthshaker special attack
-Increased the cost of the earthshaker attack to 300 power 300 req
-made front mounts heavy bolter more effective

Mechanized Command
-Increased support cap bonus from 9 to 15

Heavy Bolter Turret
-Increased attack speed, to increase effectiveness

Tech Preists
-Increased melee damage, they have a power axe for godsake
-Added support servitors to the squads

-Increased cost to 600p 600r
-doubled bolter damage
-tripled battle cannon and demolisher cannon damage
-added an ability for tanks to regenerate health, costs 350 power

-new unit

Shadow Sword
-new unit

Basilisk Magnus
-New building
-Fires large scale earthshaker round at the cost of 700r 700p

Rough Riders
-new unit
-fast attack

-new hero
-crazy good melee


Chaos Marines
-Decreased Ranged Damage

Havok Marines
-new unit
-Can be upgraded with Heavy Bolters, Las Cannons, Missle Launchers, or Flamers

-Increased squad max size to 15
-increased health by 50

Horror Squads
-Added the ability to reinforce

Chaos Bikers
-new unit
-fast attack

Possessed Marines
-Increased limit to 5 squads
-increased health from 800 to 950
-added the ability researches from pre- 1.2 patch

-Increased limit to 3 squads

Chaos Terminators
-New unit
-does good ranged damage

Chaos Landraider
-not a durable as the SM land raider
-Does insane damage

Chaos Lord\Daemon Prince
-Changed the limit to 1 Daemon Prince AND one Chaos Lord
-Once you have one chaos lord go Daemon Prince, you can train another Chaos Lord

Khrone Berserker
-Increased health by 50
-Add a slight health regen while in combat, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

Ancient Dreadnought
-New Unit
-Similar to Space Marine Dreadnoughts, except cannot be upgraded with
ranged weaponary

-Added slight health regen to make forced labor more useful

-Decreased health to 10000
-Decreased amount of health loss out of combat
-Added small health regen while in combat

-removed the need to choose between command posts
-you can only build the montka command center, but it unlocks everything

Fire Warriors
-Decreased cost to 60 per unit

VX15 Stealth Suit
-Decreased cost to 70 per unit

Listening Post
-decreased cost to 50

Kroot Carnivore Squads
-Are once again trained at the Kroot Barracks
-Increased max health able to gain through cannibalize to 1500
-increased base health by 50

Kroot Shaper
-Increased limit to 5 units

XV88 Broadside Battlesuits
-Increased limit to 10 units

XV8 Crisis Suits
-3 units per squad, pre 1.2 patch style
-limit 3 squads
-requires a coalition center

Skyray Missile Ship
-Increased support cap usage to 6
-Increased missile barrage range

Hammerhead Gunship
-Increased Health to 5500
-Increased limit to 4 units

=Space Marine

-decreased training time to 45 seconds

-Increased limit to 8

Orbital Relay
-You can build upto 5, the cost increases by 150 req 100 power per additional structure
-Increased cost to 200r 300p
-Increased drop capacity to 6
-Added the ability to build multiple Orbital Relays, incrementing the cost of each addition relay by 100r/50p

Chapel Barracks
-Trained Terminators/Assault Terminators don’t auto load for deep strike

Skull Probe
-Doubled sight range

-now requires sacred artifact

Hellfire Dreadnought
-now requires sacred artifact

-increased speed
-increased bolter damage to match tactical marines
-Tripled sniper rifle range

Grey Knights
-increased squad limit to 2 squads

Predatory Annihilator
-Increased limit to 3 units

Rhino APC
-Increased limit to 5 units

Land Raider
-Increased Squad Hold to 2
-Increased Limit to 2 units

Land Speeder
-Increases health by 200
-Can upgrade w/ Lascannons or Heavy Flamers

-Increased limit to 2 units

Assault Terminators
-Increased limit to 3 units


-Increased limit to 3 units

Webway Gate
-Increased Troop Hold Cap to 20

-Increased Limit to 3 squads

-Increased attack range


Warr Track
-Decreased armor
-Decreased health by 1000

Da Bigga Rollie Thingy
-New Unit
-Giant mobilized weapons platform

Flash Gitz
-Increased limit to 4 units
-Increased squad size to 9
-Increased health per unit by 200

-Increased limit to 3 units

Mega Armored Nobs
-Increased limit to 3 units

Slugga boyz
-Increased melee damage
-slightly Increased ranged damage
-increased health by 20

shotta boyz
-Increased ranged damage
-increased health by 20


-De nerfed them from the 1.2 patch
-Restored original health values
-decreased reinforce time
-increased regeneration rate

-Increased health regeneration rate
-Increased health by 250
-Increased melee damage
-Made Melee attack ignore armor (like codex)
-Limit 3 squads

Attack scarb swarms
-Increased max squad size to 20

-New building, super heavy turret
-Limit 2 per energy core

Activated Monolith
-Increased Limit to 2 units

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