David Zdinak

Spy Disguise Script

Quick disguise script for Team Fortress 2. Binds all num pad keys to a class, and 0 for a team toggle.
alias "b1" "disguise 1 1"
alias "b2" "disguise 3 1"
alias "b3" "disguise 7 1"
alias "b4" "disguise 4 1"
alias "b5" "disguise 6 1"
alias "b6" "disguise 9 1"
alias "b7" "disguise 5 1"
alias "b8" "disguise 2 1"
alias "b9" "disguise 8 1"
alias bludisguises "bind KP_END b1; bind KP_DOWNARROW b2;bind KP_PGDN b3; bind KP_LEFTARROW b4; bind KP_5 b5; bind KP_RIGHTARROW b6; bind KP_HOME b7; bind KP_UPARROW b8; bind KP_PGUP b9"
alias "r1" "disguise 1 2"
alias "r2" "disguise 3 2"
alias "r3" "disguise 7 2"
alias "r4" "disguise 4 2"
alias "r5" "disguise 6 2"
alias "r6" "disguise 9 2"
alias "r7" "disguise 5 2"
alias "r8" "disguise 2 2"
alias "r9" "disguise 8 2"
alias reddisguises "bind KP_END r1; bind KP_DOWNARROW r2;bind KP_PGDN r3; bind KP_LEFTARROW r4; bind KP_5 r5; bind KP_RIGHTARROW r6; bind KP_HOME r7; bind KP_UPARROW r8; bind KP_PGUP r9"
alias disred "reddisguises; echo REDDISGUISES; bind KP_INS disblu"
alias disblu "bludisguises; echo BLUDISGUISES; bind KP_INS disred"
bind KP_INS disred

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